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Questions & answers

Don't worry. If you send above your limits or your subscriber list grows, we’ll notify you and you'll have an option to upgrade your account or buy credits that can be used to send emails.
Even better. You start out with a free account and can use it as long as you like to send marketing emails for free. Upgrade if you need more or want to remove the Minutemailer logo from your emails.
Yes. You can buy credits and use them to send emails. Even on the free account.
Credits can be bought in five different packages: 1,000 credits ($6), 10,000 credits ($42), 100,000 credits ($155), 1,000,000 credits ($940) and 10,000,000 credits ($6,200).
Yes. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.
You can pay using most bank cards and currencies on the market. Like VISA, Mastercard and American Express. We only accept online card payments. All payments are handled through a secure connection by our payment partner Stripe.
Yes. All data and our servers are encrypted and we will never share your personal information or contacts list with any third party or use your information in marketing without your consent.
If you are a non profit organisation, student or otherwise think you deserve a discount, contact us and we'll help you out.

“Minutemailer has quickly become one of my most effective work tools. I make beautiful and professional newsletters in no time – brilliant!”