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Email templates made for your business

Choose from a bunch of customizable ready-made email templates. Tested in all common email clients and devices. Send newsletters, offers, press releases and more. Customize the template with your own design and content.

The world's easiest newsletter editor

Create your own newsletter by drag and dropping blocks of text, images, dividers and more. Upload photos and your logo. Write your text directly in the editor. See the result. Super easy!

Send smart plain emails and newsletters

Reach more people by sending personal emails to thousands of contacts at once and use the recipients name in the email with smart tags. Works for plain emails as well as newsletters. Simple and powerful.

More reasons to choose Minutemailer

  • Easy newsletter editing

    We are really proud of our email and newsletter editor. Just drag & drop, click & type. Easy as that.

  • Quickly import contacts

    Import your contacts from all kinds of files and add a slick subscribe form to your website or blog.

  • Friendly support

    If you have a question or problem with your newsletter you can always reach us. We are happy to help.

  • Mobile friendly templates

    Our html newsletter templates are mobile ready and looks great on all devices and modern email readers.

  • Better email targeting

    Send to different lists at the same time and send to people who didn’t click or open your last email.

  • Generous free account

    Start for free and only upgrade if you need to. Paid accounts starts at just $5 per month.

  • Send smart emails

    Send emails that feel personal to thousands of people at once. Plain text or with your branding and design.

  • Track your emails

    Track email opens, clicks and who did what and when. Get the full picture with our email statistics.

  • Pay as you please

    You can pay per month or year. Or if you prefer to, only pay each time you send a newsletter.

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“Using Minutemailer our internal newsletter is very easy to work with. The clean and simple design puts focus on the content.”