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Email templates for your business

Choose from a bunch of customizable ready-made email templates. Tested in all common email clients and devices. Send newsletters, offers, press releases and long newsletters. Customize the template with your own design and content.

Email templates for your business

The world's easiest newsletter editor

Create your own newsletter by drag and dropping blocks of text, images, dividers and more. Upload photos and your logo. Write your text directly in the editor. See the result. Super easy!

The world's easiest newsletter editor

Send smart plain emails and newsletters

Reach more people by sending personal emails to thousands of contacts at once and use the recipients name in the email with smart tags. Works for plain emails as well as newsletters. Simple and powerful.

Send smart plain emails and newsletters

More great things about Minutemailer

  • Sociala media links

    Easily add ready-made icons for social media and other links.

  • Schedule your emails

    Save time by creating multiple newsletters and schedule them.

  • Preview on mobile

    See how your newsletter looks in a mobile phone before sending.

  • Work with target groups

    Easily send your newsletter to multiple contact lists at once.

  • Remind without nagging

    Send to anyone who did not open or clicked on the last mailing.

  • Multiple From addresses

    Work with multiple senders and different content from one account.

  • Wordpress plugin

    Install the Wordpress plugin to collect contacts from your website or blog.

  • Automatic subject suggestions

    Be inspired by our automatic and smart subject line suggestions.

  • Removal of inactive contacts

    Automatic removal of contacts not opened or clicked on your newsletters.

  • Seamless import of contacts

    Import easily from Gmail, Excel, CSV or text files. Or paste your contacts directly into Minutemailer.

  • Authenticate your domain

    Authenticate your domain with DKIM and SPF for safer deliveries of your newsletters.

  • Buy credits

    If you need more than what is included in your account you can buy credits. Good if you don't send often.

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“Using Minutemailer our internal newsletter is very easy to work with. The clean and simple design puts focus on the content.”