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Some frequent questions

Is Minutemailer the right service for me?

Minutemailer is designed first and foremost for small businesses. It can also be used by private persons and large companies but is most suitable for hairdressers, ad agencies, freelancers, membership clubs, schools, dry cleaners, traffic schools, art galleries, small stores, workshops, DJs, startups, artists, organizations, restaurants, blogs and other small to medium businesses.

What is included in the free account?

In the free account you can have up to 500 contacts and send up to 500 emails per month. Completely free. If you need more contacts or send more emails per month you can upgrade your account. Paid accounts start from 5 USD/month. You can also pay per sendout and keep the free account. Read more about our prices.

How do I import my contacts?

Go to the Contacts menu and you’ll be taken to your Contact lists, where you can import your contacts or add to an existing list. Import your Gmail/Google Contacts or select a text, rtf, excel, vcf or csv file that contains email addresses and hit ‘Upload your contacts’ to import it. You might have to help identify names in your list, so stay close until you see everything uploading. You can also enter addresses manually.

Can I create custom templates?

Right now you can't create completely new templates, only customize those existing. Use one of the professionally-designed templates that are available and change background color, typeface and more. We will provide more opportunities to customize the design of your emails in the future. Contact Us if you have any requests.

What if my email end up in the spam folder?

We send all emails using Sendgrid (also used by amongst other Spotify and Uber) and we work continuously with optimizing the delivery of your emails. But sometimes emails can still end up in the spam folder. Read more about how to stop emails from ending up in the spam folder.

How do I see how many people have opened an email?

If you go into the Sent menu, you'll see how many people have opened and clicked on each sendout you made. The figures are updated as they are tracked.

One more question...

Feel free to contact us with any other questions and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.