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August 26, 2015, Stockholm Sweden

Finally easy digital marketing for everyone, delivered by Sweden's Minutemailer

How do we tell the world about what we do easily, affordably and attractively?

It's a key problem faced by many small businesses trying to carve a niche for themselves. And one that Swedish startup Minutemailer looks to address, with its cost-effective, simple to use, multi-channel online marketing platform. In one swift session an entrepreneur can create, schedule, send and analyse beautiful email marketing, promotions, newsletters, press releases, flyers plus Tweets and Facebook updates.

An entrepreneur needs to be able to create effective, attractive marketing without it digging huge holes in a small budget and costing precious time, says Oskar Glauser, founder of Minutemailer.

Minutemailer is based on the experiences of being a small businesses.

Minutemailer's functions are based on empowering the entrepreneur — everything they need, without needless functions, templates, customisations and costs taking up precious time and money. In operation, Minutemailer's functions and aesthetic bear the hallmarks of Swedish interaction design — clean design, focus on function and ease of use. It's a case of get the tasks done and in the system, then get back to running shop.

Initially we felt that Minutemailer would be a great tool for a tech startup but then it became apparent that its simplicity also makes it perfect for all kinds of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

With the right tools, David did beat Goliath.

Minutemailer believes in levelling the playing field. In the power of being a David among a world of Goliaths. We believe that good marketing tools should be readily available. And that those tools should save time and cost without compromising results.

On a business level, we know our world is changing. From one dominated by corporations with huge budgets to a happy place where an individual can sculpt their business dream using logical, simple, beautiful solutions. Minutemailer simply wants to do its bit to support David and be the stone in the sling of digital marketing.

An hour or two a week with Minutemailer and you can be competing with those big beasts of industry, creating the kinds of marketing activities that have been proven to generate results.

Minutemailer empowers the small business with its unified online marketing platform. Create, schedule and send plain emails, email newsletters and social media updates. Simple, functional and affordable online marketing.

Minutemailer facts

  • Minutemailer was founded in 2014 by Oskar Glauser in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Minutemailer is a privately owned company.
  • Since October 2014, Minutemailer has sent over 4 million emails for its Swedish customers including JCDecaux, Rättviseförmedlingen and the leading wine magazine Livets goda.
  • Minutemailer's offers a free version (unlimited time), while subscription packages start from just 9 USD/10 EUR per month, varying according to contact list size and number of sendouts.
  • Minutemailer uses intuitive drag'n'drop layout for newsletters, regular emails, press releases, discounts and sale offers, updates and longer newsletters. Contacts can be easily imported and edited, while analysis of opens, click throughs etc. are simple to read and understand.
  • Start your own account for free at www.minutemailer.com
  • Contact Richard Prime for press inquiries at richard@minutemailer.com