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The idea of Minutemailer is to make it easier and quicker for businesses to work with newsletters and emails.

Minutemailer started with the question “How do we tell people about our business?". A problem a lot of us have. Marketing can be tough when you’re starting out. You’ve hardly got any budget and even less time. There is loads of tools online, but you still have to use them well to get anywhere.

We made Minutemailer as a way for small businesses to harness the power of online marketing long term. Using beautiful newsletters and emails. Time efficient & smart marketing.

When we did this we were thinking about all kinds of small and medium sized businesses: Ad agencies, Artists, Authors, Beauty salons, Bloggers & influencers, Carpenters, DJs, Designers, Developers, Fashion brands, Lawyers, Musicians, Organizations, Photographers, Restaurants, Schools, Sports clubs, Stores, Travel agencies and Wedding planners.

If we can help these companies work better with their email marketing we can help them grow and compete with bigger companies who have more resources, more experience and a bigger marketing budget.

We believe that we are going from a world dominated by large corporations to a world where anyone can start their own dream business using-easy to-use tools that are free, or almost free. We want to do our part in lowering that threshold and make it possible for your company to succeed.

That’s why we started Minutemailer.

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