Minutemailer and Ribelle Clinic

Dr Iman Nurlin is the founder of Ribelle Clinic and international lecturer in injection technology, she also educates licensed personnel in injection treatments.

How do you work with email marketing today?

We use HTML mailings to get a uniformity of how we want to graphically present ourselves. Email is very important to us. We notice a clear increase in bookings and customer dialogue after mailing. It is a smooth set to reach out to all customers and a strong complement to social media.

How often do you send?

Once a month we send out to all our customers. It is a newsletter where we market different types of offers and important information about our services and products.

What’s the best thing about Minutemailer?

The simplicity and how stylish it is. It is quick to get started and we appreciate that there are different templates for different types of mailings. Plus good support if you need help.

Visit Ribelle clinic at ribelle.se.

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