Minutemailer and Nordanda Yoga

Ehlin Mellegård is the operative founder of Nordanda Yoga, running yoga courses from her base in Höör, in Skåne (southern Sweden).

How do you work with email marketing today?

I send a lot of invitations for my courses and events. For me it’s important to send invitations that look visually appealing in a way that’s easy to send to my customers.

How often do you send?

That depends on the events I’ve got on at any one time. But at least once a month.

What’s the best thing about Minutemailer?

I chose Minutemailer because of the readymade email templates that I can just copy and paste straight into. My company’s pretty small so I’m really happy to be able to use Minutemailer’s free account.

Visit Nordanda yoga at nordandayoga.se.

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