Minutemailer and Livets Goda

Livets Goda (The Good Life) publishes magazines focused on food and drink, Livets Goda, Whisky & Bourbon and Livets Goda Topp 20. The company also publishes a number of digital magazines within the same market, and runs sub-sites for each magazine plus social media channels.

How do you work with email marketing today?

“We work frequently with email mailouts in various guises, often as a means of sending information but also to engage our contacts in offers, events and invitations on our various platforms.

Our emails have become a vital part of our business, allowing us to communicated quickly and easily with our followers.

How often do you send email marketing?

We send between 4-8 emails and newsletters each week to a varied amount of followers depending on the audience we want to hit.

What’s the best thing about Minutemailer?

The platform is easy to navigate and the customer service is always quick, personal and effective.

Visit Livets Goda at livetsgoda.se and boxtoppen.se

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