Minutemailer and Freaky Kitchen

Åsa Malmsten runs Freaky Kitchen, which sells hard-to-find cooking ingredients via her website FreakyKitchen.se

How do you work with email marketing today?

We send a newsletter at least once a week to our customers. That has lots of tips and new products and extra information on specific ingredients. It could be tips on how you use an ingredient, of where it comes from, or its history. We also include a recipe or two to inspire our readers on how to use ingredients in their own cooking.

Email marketing is really important for us, being one of our best channels to engage with our customers.

How often do you send?

We send emails and newsletters to our customers once or twice a week. We also email journalists once a month or more.

Why’s Minutemailer good?

Minutemailer’s easy to use. Solid and dependable as a platform too, and it’s nice to be able to use the previews to check what our customers are actually going to see. It’s also priced very well.

Visit Freaky Kitchen at freakykitchen.se

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