Minutemailer for developers

Ever since Minutemailer started, our goal has been to help small business owners spend less time on their marketing and more on their business. You can become an important part of our journey.

Integrate Minutemailer

We would like to integrate Minutemailer with your site, app or platform. Right now, the ways that can be done are relatively limited, but we improve things all the time. Below are some of the things you can do right now.

Minutemailer for Wordpress

Add our Wordpress plugin to easily add a subscribe form to your website. Download the plugin or install it from within Wordpress by searching for Minutemailer in the plugin menu.

Adding a signup form

You can add a signup form by adding HTML code to your website or linking to your contact list subscribe page. You will find the code needed if you go to your contact list and choose Add to website.

Open source

We have multiple open source projects that you can download and contribute to. The projects are located on Github.

The Minutemailer API

The Minutemailer API is right now in a closed beta. Read more about the API.

Help us develop Minutemailer

Are you really good at programming or just passionate for e-mail marketing and have a background as a developer? Get in touch with us. We are always looking for people who want to help build the world’s best service for making beautiful newsletters.

Email marketing for developers

With Minutemailer you can quickly and easily create and send amazing newsletters and ‘smart’ email to your customers. Tell them about what’s going on in the company and send examples of work you’ve done lately.

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