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Personal mass emails

Send regular emails to thousands of contacts at once. Simple and powerful.

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Write your email just like you are used to

Add smart tags like the reciepients name or email.

Segment your audience

Choose on or multiple lists. Send to those that opened or those that didn't click the last email.

Track emails

See who opened or clicked your email and other statistics.

“With Minutemailer we can easily reach a lot more customers, we also get a good overview on what happens to our emails”

Stefan Dannelövfounder, Valimed

More reasons to choose Minutemailer

  • Mobile friendly email templates
  • Worlds easiest content editor
  • One image library for you content
  • Built in image editing
  • Quick import of contacts
  • Segment to different lists
  • Autoremove inactive contacts
  • Track opens and clicks
  • Friendly and fast support
  • Start for free, upgrade if you want
  • Pay per month, year or sendout
  • Paid accounts starts at $5/month

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