Minutemailer and Cocktail

Cocktail is a tool for Apple’s macOS that makes it easy to maintain your computer, fix a range of problems and make changes to the operating system and other programs.

How do you work with email marketing today?

We use Minutemailer to inform out users about our solutions and updates, plus let them know about tips they can use to make the most our of their operating system and other programs they might use.

Email marketing is very important to us. It’s a fantastic way to communicate with our customers and give them an extra level of service and tips. We’d actually probably say it’s more effective than social media! We’ve had very few unsubscribes from our lists, which goes to show how much our contact base appreciates the content we send.

How often do you send?

We always send an email when there’s a new version of Cocktail, perhaps two or three times a month.

What’s best about Minutemailer?

Above all else, Minutemailer makes it really simple to make a professional, good-looking email or newsletter. It’s also great to have post-send statistics so we can analyse what’s working or if we need to improve any content areas.

Visit Cocktail at cocktail.maintain.se

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